Dwarfair - 90 Dwarf Warrior [Withdrawn]

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Dwarfair - 90 Dwarf Warrior [Withdrawn]

Postby Dwarfair » 22 Feb 2014, 02:15


Character name: Dwarfair
Realm: shadowsong
Level: 90
Class: Image Warrior
Race: Image Dwarf


Are you over 18? Check yes or no.:

Can you tell us abit about yourself please ? (Where do you live ? What do you do for living?):
im from the east midlands and work as a lagger ( working with fiberglass)

What is the role/spec you are applying for?:

Please list your alts.:

Is this your main char on this server? Do you have any other characters in other guilds on the server ? Is your main character on max level?:
no hes not on this server

Reason for leaving your current guild ?:
currently not in a guild as my last one turned to social so i have been pugging and looking for a core team

What can you bring to us and what do you expect ?:
a warrior tank to kill things

Are you applying as Social Member (Flex raids only) or a Raiding Member (all raids):

Please include a link to World of Warcraft Armory displaying relevant spec, enchants, gems and reforges for your main character:
http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/S ... r/advanced

For Raid applications, describe your raiding experience. For social applications - tell us about your general WoW experience:
raided in wrath cleared all and at the end of cata

Check the days you’re available to sign up for raids (of any type):
tuesday, wednesday, sunday

Do you agree with our raid times 8:30pm to 11pm Server time (UTC+1) ?:

Is your computer good enough to maintain a high FPS? What’s the spec ?:
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Re: Dwarfair - 90 Dwarf Warrior

Postby Bombster » 22 Feb 2014, 02:22

Hey Dwarfair,

We would talk among officers/raidleaders and get back to you ASAP. Also best of luck with your application :)

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Re: Dwarfair - 90 Dwarf Warrior

Postby Elunei » 23 Feb 2014, 14:35

Good luck with the app.
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