Begentle - 100 Gnome Death Knight [Accepted] [*]

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Begentle - 100 Gnome Death Knight [Accepted] [*]

Postby Gramkow » 22 Nov 2014, 05:05


Character name: Begentle
Realm: Azjol'Nerub
Level: 100
Class: Image Death Knight
Race: Image Gnome


Are you over 18? Check yes or no.:

Can you tell us abit about yourself please ? (Where do you live ? What do you do for living?):
Hello. I'm Matias Gramkow, and i live in Denmark. I'm 20 years old, and currently working on a gas station. I have previously studied international economics and chose to take a year of work to earn some money. I've been playing WoW since the Classic, but mostly played pvp. I manged to reach 2,4k rating in Wotlk.

What is the role/spec you are applying for?:

Please list your alts.:
Got no alts atm.

Is this your main char on this server? Do you have any other characters in other guilds on the server ? Is your main character on max level?:
" Begentle " is my main char. I have no other chars on this server. I moved from Silvermoon to reduce the amount of lag. Yes my main char is max lvl and 636 ilvl.

Reason for leaving your current guild ?:
I got no guild. But in the middle of MoP, i made my own guild with a friend called "Warzone" we managed to kill 14/14 Mythic, from scratch. We did all this in about 2 month with nothing more then succes.

What can you bring to us and what do you expect ?:
I expect to play together with skilled and relaxed people, that aim for clearing the content as much as i want. So focused people who enjoy the game.

Are you applying as Social Member (Flex raids only) or a Raiding Member (all raids):

Please include a link to World of Warcraft Armory displaying relevant spec, enchants, gems and reforges for your main character: ... e/advanced
I hope it's updated

For Raid applications, describe your raiding experience. For social applications - tell us about your general WoW experience:
I played most PvP, so the only raid experience i have is Icecrown HC, Firelands HC, and MoP Mythic.

Check the days you’re available to sign up for raids (of any type):
monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday

Do you agree with our raid times 8:30pm to 11pm Server time (UTC+1) ?:
Yes i do, but as mentioned, i work on a Gas Station, so my work days change all the time. But mostly all days.

Is your computer good enough to maintain a high FPS? What’s the spec ?:
It is. Was in MC40 today and had 100 fps with High quality
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Re: Begentle - 100 Gnome Death Knight

Postby Highst » 22 Nov 2014, 05:09

Awesome! Good luck with your application!
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Re: Begentle - 100 Gnome Death Knight

Postby Bombster » 22 Nov 2014, 05:11

Hey Begentle,

Thanks for your application. We will talk among officers and raidleaders and get back to you asap. And also good luck :)

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Re: Begentle - 100 Gnome Death Knight

Postby Odinn » 22 Nov 2014, 05:15

scandinavia HYPE, good luck!
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Re: Begentle - 100 Gnome Death Knight

Postby Blueghost » 23 Nov 2014, 01:23

good luck with your app!
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Re: Begentle - 100 Gnome Death Knight

Postby Babadochia » 23 Nov 2014, 01:54

Thank you for your app!
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Re: Begentle - 100 Gnome Death Knight [Accepted]

Postby Bombster » 26 Nov 2014, 02:31

Welcome to TOoA :)
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Re: Begentle - 100 Gnome Death Knight [Accepted]

Postby spiritlink » 27 Nov 2014, 20:56

welcome to TOoA ((:
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