Kamria - 100 Human Hunter [Accepted]

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Kamria - 100 Human Hunter [Accepted]

Postby Kamria » 07 Dec 2014, 13:17


Character name: Kamria
Realm: Quel'Thalas
Level: 100
Class: Image Hunter
Race: Image Human


Are you over 18? Check yes or no.:

Can you tell us a bit about yourself please ? (Where do you live? What do you do for a living?):
I live in Sweden with my husband (Wilward), our two daughters and two fluffy bunnies. I'm a pre-school teacher and that (and being married to Wil) has taught me a lot of patience and being immune to lots of noise..... not totally bad talents to have when playing WoW ;) Other than working and running the famlily, making sure not everything descends to total chaos, I enjoy reading, taking photos and playing quite a bit of WoW.

What is the role/spec you are applying for?:

Please list your alts.:
Tancy, Viji, Livly

Is this your main char on this server? Do you have any other characters in other guilds on the server ? Is your main character on max level?:
Kamria is my main character, I don't play on other servers.

Reason for leaving your current guild?:
I'm in a small family/alt guild at the moment. The last real guild I was in was TOoA. And the reason for leaving was Wil getting a new job with lots of traveling which did not really leave either of us very much time to play WoW. Things have settled down somewhat and there seems to be enough spare time to start playing together with others, so here I am, re-applying!

What can you bring to us and what do you expect?:
I like playing DPS characters and been playing a BM hunter for a long while. I'd like to think I'm fairly good at it, though complicated jumping puzzles or boss mechanics sometimes make me dizzy ;) I'm social player and bring - apart from the DPS - good mood (don't mind occasional wipenight) and lots of general cheeriness.
I expect a fairly casual and social raiding environment with some interesting new boss fights in good company.

Are you applying as Social Member (normal raids only) or a Raiding Member (all raids):

Please include a link to World of Warcraft Armory displaying relevant spec, enchants and gems for your main character:
http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/q ... a/advanced

For Raid applications, describe your raiding experience. For social applications - tell us about your general WoW experience:
I've been playing WoW since Vanilla, but my raiding experience is mostly from MoP. I've raided tier 14 and 15 on Normal as well as most of SoO (with TOoA). I take care to study mechanics and always bring consumables and know how to use them (with pre-potting etc), I'd like to think I'm fairly good at managing my class and listening to RL commands and advice during raids.

Check the days you’re available to sign up for raids (of any type):
monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday

Do you agree with our raid times 8:30pm to 11pm Server time (UTC+1)?:
Yes, raid times are OK.

Is your computer good enough to maintain a high FPS? What’s the spec?:
Good enough (and I have local IT-support solving any potenti
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Re: Kamria - 100 Human Hunter

Postby Horpyna » 07 Dec 2014, 13:29

\o/ glad to see you reapplying Kamria, good luck with the app :)
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Re: Kamria - 100 Human Hunter

Postby jadwinia » 07 Dec 2014, 13:31

Go go Kamria!
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Re: Kamria - 100 Human Hunter

Postby Blueghost » 07 Dec 2014, 16:01

No mentions about being a Bond girl...hmmm.
Welcome back.
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Re: Kamria - 100 Human Hunter

Postby Wilward » 07 Dec 2014, 17:10

Blueghost wrote:No mentions about being a Bond girl...hmmm.
Welcome back.

She did mention holding back the chaos of our household. Probably good that one of us doesn't have delusions of grandeur :)
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Re: Kamria - 100 Human Hunter

Postby Babadochia » 07 Dec 2014, 18:43

Welcome back!
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Re: Kamria - 100 Human Hunter [Accepted]

Postby Armann » 08 Dec 2014, 11:26

Awesome to have you two back :D
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Re: Kamria - 100 Human Hunter [Accepted]

Postby spiritlink » 08 Dec 2014, 12:12

wb! \o/
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Re: Kamria - 100 Human Hunter [Accepted]

Postby Silversoul » 08 Dec 2014, 18:36

welcome back, Kamria!
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Re: Kamria - 100 Human Hunter [Accepted]

Postby Stewolf » 08 Dec 2014, 19:20

Nover too early! welcome!..:)
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