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Nenita - 27 Human Hunter

PostPosted: 18 Sep 2015, 15:23
by Nenita

Character name: Nenita
Realm: Quel'Thalas
Level: 27
Class: Image Hunter
Race: Image Human


Are you over 18? Check yes or no.:

Can you tell us a bit about yourself please ? (Where do you live? What do you do for a living?):
Hay! I'm a 32 year old man, from Norway and currently living in Norway (right in the middle of it pretty much), married to my English wife (whom I met in WoW 9 years ago) and we have two children aged almost 2 and 7. I'm not doing anything for a living right now, as I ruined my back working on fishing boats from the age of 17, so I'm in school where I'm learning game development. Started this years, so I'll finish my bachelor in 3 years.

What is the role/spec you are applying for?:

Please list your alts.:
None on this realm

Is this your main char on this server? Do you have any other characters in other guilds on the server ? Is your main character on max level?:
Yes. No. No.

Reason for leaving your current guild?:
My last guild was Weekend Warriors on the Draenor realm. I didn't leave as much as stop playing 1 week before the release of WoD, and was eventually removed from the roster from inactivity. Upon returning to WoW now I wanted a fresh start, that's why I'm here.

What can you bring to us and what do you expect?:
I'll bring some dry humour and bad puns, generally speaking. I'd say 'experience' after playing this game since launch (except start of MoP and the entire WoD so far), but I'm not sure that counts for much. :)

Are you applying as Social Member (normal raids only) or a Raiding Member (all raids):

Please include a link to World of Warcraft Armory displaying relevant spec, enchants and gems for your main character: ... ita/simple

For Raid applications, describe your raiding experience. For social applications - tell us about your general WoW experience:
I'm not quite sure what to write here. I was a raider in Vanilla, cleared up to and including Fankriss in AQ40 before I had to step aside due to work (hard to raid from fishing boats), and I did a lot of casual Kara+Gruul raiding in TBC. Other than that I've been a generic casual and social player ever since.

Check the days you’re available to sign up for raids (of any type):

Do you agree with our raid times 8:30pm to 11pm Server time (UTC+1)?:

Is your computer good enough to maintain a high FPS? What’s the spec?:
i7-5820K, 3,3GHz, 16GB Ram, GTX670.

Re: Nenita - 27 Human Hunter

PostPosted: 20 Sep 2015, 16:20
by Dazey
Good luck with your application :)

Re: Nenita - 27 Human Hunter

PostPosted: 22 Sep 2015, 21:18
by Bombster
Thanks for your application Nenita,

Can you poke me in-game when you are around for a chat please :)


Re: Nenita - 27 Human Hunter

PostPosted: 26 Sep 2015, 18:31
by Bombster
Welcome to TOoA :)

Re: Nenita - 27 Human Hunter

PostPosted: 26 Sep 2015, 18:40
by Dazey