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Elwira - 78 Pandaren Alliance Shaman

PostPosted: 04 Oct 2015, 21:29
by Zolice

Character name: Elwira
Realm: Quel'Thalas
Level: 78
Class: Image Shaman
Race: Image Pandaren Alliance


Are you over 18? Check yes or no.:

Can you tell us a bit about yourself please ? (Where do you live? What do you do for a living?):
I live in Sweden with my husband and a pair of 1 year old twins. Before the twins i worked as a surgerynurse but now im home with the twins. I like baking, cinnamonrolls is a favourite and cakes are fun to make.

What is the role/spec you are applying for?:

Please list your alts.:
No alts

Is this your main char on this server? Do you have any other characters in other guilds on the server ? Is your main character on max level?:
I have a few other characthers but none that i play.

Reason for leaving your current guild?:
I had a break from wow. Just got back to the game again. The guild im in now is just some random guild i got invited to.

What can you bring to us and what do you expect?:
I'm helpful and love to do instances and other things or just hang out in guildchat. Instances is really my favourite part of the game. I play when my real life allows me to, thats usually a few hours in the evening.

Are you applying as Social Member (normal raids only) or a Raiding Member (all raids):

Please include a link to World of Warcraft Armory displaying relevant spec, enchants and gems for your main character: ... ira/simple

For Raid applications, describe your raiding experience. For social applications - tell us about your general WoW experience:
I started out as a priest in vanilla did some raiding and got a few bosses in naxx down. Got twins in tbc before the nerf patch. Did some 80 raiding also but guild disbanded a few months after we all got 80.

Check the days you’re available to sign up for raids (of any type):

Do you agree with our raid times 8:30pm to 11pm Server time (UTC+1)?:

Is your computer good enough to maintain a high FPS? What’s the spec?:

Re: Elwira - 78 Pandaren Alliance Shaman

PostPosted: 06 Oct 2015, 10:54
by Dazey
Hi Elwira, thanks for the app! Can you poke one of the officers in-game for a chat? Pheather, Bombster or Faldiro.

Re: Elwira - 78 Pandaren Alliance Shaman

PostPosted: 06 Oct 2015, 21:27
by Dazey
Welcome to TOoA!
Please don't forget to share your cinnamon bun recipe :)