The Order of Azeroth is a Classic Alliance PvE guild on Mirage Raceway.

We are a small guild founded on June 8th 2006 by Alcyone and Istra, who wanted to turn over a new leaf in WoW and find an alternative to the more conventional raiding guild.

We have since reunited in WoW Classic to continue our journey through Azeroth.

The original idea behind the Order of Azeroth was to build from scratch a guild for mature players, focusing on the social element of WoW.

We have managed to create a cohesive group of players who are sensible, mature, friendly, helpful, and above all, genuinely egalitarian, and we achieved this by placing our emphasis on helping each other, progressing together, and above all else, having fun together.

We are a casual progression guild. We like to raid together and we have historically made great progress through each of WoW's expansions, for example clearing up to Black Temple during TBC years.

If you consider yourself to be a hardcore raider, or if your primary goal in WoW is to deck out your characters in purple loots, then we are certainly not the right guild for you. If, on the other hand, you prefer a more relaxed pace of gameplay and want to be part of a friendly and laid back guild that does not dictate how you play your class, then you'll feel right at home.

Join us on Discord

We are currently using discord to manage communication outside of WoW and to replace a traditional forum. Use the button to the right to get an "instant invite" into the guild's discord, where you will be able to submit an application to join.


Raiding Molten Core


Classic WoW has just launched and we are all having fun leveling. Once we all reach 60 we will start raiding Molten Core.