The Order of Azeroth is a Classic Alliance PvE guild on Mirage Raceway.

We are a social guild that can have its origins traced all the way back to Vanilla. We are a friendly, mature and helpful group of players. Our focus is on helping each other and progressing together, but most importantly having fun together. We plan to experience and clear all the raid content, but we are in no rush and will do so at our own pace. We understand real life commitments are more important than raiding.


What do we offer?

  • A mature and friendly environment.
  • We do not dictate how you play your class, any spec is welcome!
  • An organised and structured weekly raiding schedule.
  • No raid attendance requirements.
  • Discord for socializing.

What do we expect?

  • Mature and friendly attitude.
  • Have a relaxed view on endgame progression (if you are looking for hardcore progression, we are not the place for you).


We use discord to arrange events and voice chat during dungeons, raids, or just casually while we play. You can also find our application to join the guild in discord.


Raiding Schedule

We have a raiding alliance with <Touch of Winter> and we are progressing through MC together.

Our raids times currently are:

Friday: 19:30 - 23:00 (GMT+1)
Sunday: 19:30 - 23:00 (GMT+1)


We use master loot and have a simple one need-roll win for your main spec per raid rule. This simple rule has worked great for us in the past and we will continue with this philosophy. There is no loot council, DKP or any other rules regarding loot.

Molten Core

Cleared on 17th November 2019

Lucifron: 2nd Nov 2019
Magmadar: 2nd Nov 2019
Gehennas: 2nd Nov 2019
Garr: 2nd Nov 2019
Baron Geddon: 2nd Nov 2019
Shazzrah: 2nd Nov 2019
Sulfuron Harbinger: 15th Nov 2019
Golemagg the Incinerator: 17th Nov 2019
Majordomo Executus: 17th Nov 2019
Ragnaros: 17th Nov 2019

Onyxia's Lair

Cleared on 23rd November 2019

Onyxia: 23rd November 2019